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Selling Skills Performance Assessments Focus Sales Training

Performance Assessments Focus Sales Training

Optimal sales management results begin with performance assessments that identify gaps, and their causes, which prevent an organization from achieving its highest goals.

Prime Resource Group's extensive combination of proven performance assessment instruments and thorough diagnostic methods provides a comprehensive assessment of your people, strategies and processes.

Performance Assessments Answer These Key Management Questions

Prime Resource Group's Selling Skills Performance Assessment can clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team. Based on an in-depth analysis of the results, a sales training program can be specifically customized for your organization to significantly improve sales performance.

After completing performance assessments, corporate, market and competitive strategies are integrated into well-defined systems that ensure your objectives are translated into focused behavior that produces bottom-line results.

Call us for a sample of the actual analysis of a Selling Skills Performance Assessment that Prime Resource Group performed for a major corporation with 84 people in the sales team. In the sample each client salesperson increased their sales an average of $507,000 (34%) after completing the tightly focused training that followed the performance assessment.

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Prime Resource Group performance assessments focus sales training on the selling skills of the sales team.


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